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Call For Volunteers


Most of you know by now that SPAH 2017 is being held at the Downtown Hyatt in Tulsa, Oklahoma from Wednesday, August 16 until Saturday, August 19, 2017. It will include seminars, workshops, jam sessions, merchandise and of course, performances by great players from around the world. If you have never attended SPAH, this is an opportunity not to be missed. On-line registration will be available soon at the SPAH website


The Route 66 Harmonica Club is proud to be the host club for this event. We will need several volunteers beginning on Monday, August 14 to help us make this a successful event. We need volunteers in the following areas:


1) Packet Assembly (4-6 people) - Monday, only.

2) Information Desk (2 people) -Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday through Saturday (8am-5pm). Answer guest’s questions, sell merchandise.

3) Registration Desk (1-2 people) - Tuesday Afternoon and all day Wednesday through Saturday (8am-5pm) Assist SPAH staff with distribution of registration packets and on-site registration.

4) Hospitality Suite (1-2 people) - All day Wednesday through Saturday. Maintain the hospitality suite (8am-5pm). (The suite opens to the pool.)

5) Seminar doors during the day (6 people) - All day Wednesday through Saturday (8am-5pm) Duties include: Verify that seminar participants are paid SPAH attendees. Ensure that rooms are set up with seating, presentation materials (flip charts, etc.), and water.

6) Doors during the evening performance. (4-5 people) - Thursday through Saturday evenings (6pm-10pm). Verify that guests are paid attendees.

7) Tours (1 person) - Thursday, Friday. Gather the tour participants to see them off at 9am and welcome them back to the hotel at 4pm.

8) Ladies Breakfast  (1-2 people) - Saturday morning. (7am –10am) Doors   


The greatest need for volunteers will be during the day from Wednesday through Saturday when we will need at least 14 volunteers each day and 4 to 5 each evening. We hope to have enough volunteers to allow for shift work.


This is a great opportunity to support the Route 66 Harmonica Club and SPAH. I realize, that, for some, this may mean taking time from work or from other activities. I appreciate your support of the club and of SPAH. And of course we welcome spouses and significant others as well. All volunteers will be granted free admission to SPAH for the day(s) of volunteer activity.


If you or a friend can help, please provide your name(s), your phone number(s) and the days and times you can help. Let us know if you have a preferred area for volunteering, we will try to accommodate you. You may e-mail Brian Walker at or call 918-633-1974. Thank you.